Sustainability | Free Full-Text | ESG Indicators as Organizational Performance Goals: Do Rating Agencies Encourage a Holistic Approach?


Providing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) evaluation and certification can invite organizations to adapt their actions to accommodate environmental, social, and governance issues. Prior analysis factors to shortcomings in precisely monitoring and assessing organizational sustainability efficiency. This contribution goals to spotlight the position of ESG indicators as motivating organizations to prioritize sustainability objectives. Principle and analysis elucidate that the definition of particular objectives guides the diploma of effort organizations make investments, the priorities they set, and the persistence they show in pursuing focused outcomes. The extent to which efficiency assessments of ranking businesses specify and combine ESG issues thus impacts the probability that organizations will handle every of those sustainability targets. The possible influence of ESG indicators was examined by consulting scores, rankings, and indexes from 130 ranking businesses included within the Reporting Trade Platform. We recognized and categorized 237 distinctive indicators in over 600 company ESG indicators. Outcomes reveal that themes coated are much less properly specified within the governance area than within the environmental and social area. Additional, completely different dimensions are emphasised relying on which stakeholder is addressed (buyers, customers, firms). Taken collectively, we conclude that this makes it tougher for organizations to undertake a holistic method to the achievement of sustainability objectives.
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