Trigger Words That Let You Know When to Take Nutrition Advice with grain of Salt? : nutrition


What are some set off phrases that allow you to know when to take diet recommendation with a (proverbial) grain of salt? There’s a really previous useful resource from 2007 that lists 39 phrases, however I’m virtually sure the entrepreneurs have up to date their vocabulary to unfold misinformation.

Amongst my checklist of set off phrases:

  1. homeopath

  2. alkaline

  3. superfood

  4. detox

  5. cleanse

  6. restore/heal/revitalize

  7. power (when not speaking about energy)

  8. steadiness

  9. holistic

  10. natural (considerably difficult relying on the way it’s used)

  11. pure (additionally considerably difficult relying on the way it’s used)

  12. nutritionist (not dietician)

If any of the phrases are within the title, I skip. If three of the phrases seem within the content material whereas studying, I blacklist the positioning/weblog.

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