How to Grow Beets Organically


Rising beets in your backyard may give you entry to the various lovely, tasty forms of heirloom and specialty beets that you simply simply can’t get from the grocery retailer. Right here’s how you can develop beets organically…

Historical past of Rising Beetroot

Each beets and Swiss chard are completely different varieties throughout the similar plant household (Amaranthaceae-Chenopodiaceae) and their edible leaves share a resemblance in each style and texture. Nevertheless, in contrast to chard, connected to the beet’s inexperienced leaves is a candy, spherical or rectangular root.

The wild beet, the ancestor of the beet with which we’re acquainted right this moment, is believed to have originated in prehistoric instances in North Africa and finally unfold wild alongside Asian and European seashores. In these earlier instances, individuals completely ate the beet greens and never the roots.

The traditional Romans had been one of many first civilizations to domesticate beets to make use of their roots as meals. The tribes that invaded Rome had been chargeable for spreading beets all through northern Europe the place they had been first used for animal fodder and later for human consumption later within the 16th century.

Beets’ worth grew within the 19th century when it was found that they had been a concentrated supply of sugar, and the primary sugar beet manufacturing unit was inbuilt Poland. When entry to sugar cane was restricted by the British, Napoleon decreed that the beet be used as the first supply of sugar, catalyzing its recognition.

Mangel beet seed ad from 1919Round this time, beets had been additionally first dropped at america, the place they now flourish. Globally, the main industrial producers of beets embody america, the Russian Federation, France, Poland, France and Germany.

At this time, farmers throughout the nation are combating the introduction of genetically modified sugar beets into their native agricultural ecosystems. They’re deeply involved that pollen drift from the GM sugar beets will contaminate non-GMO and natural forms of desk beets, in addition to chard and associated weeds.

And since GM sugar beets have been engineered to withstand glyphosate (Spherical-Up) herbicide, farmers, ecologists and public well being officers are involved concerning the widespread environmental contamination that comes from closely dousing crops with this toxic and carcinogenic chemical.

Help support them by avoiding sugar and sugary merchandise constructed from GMO sugar beets. Simply remember that GMO beet sugar makes up about 60% of all of the sugar produced within the U.S., so if it’s not natural, and it accommodates sugar, it virtually actually accommodates GMO-derived sugar.

Beet Varieties

There are 5 primary kinds of beets, with many sorts inside every kind.

Crimson desk beets produce edible greens in about 30 days, adopted by spherical or cylindrical roots a few month later. Leaves from most crimson beets have crimson stems and leaf veins just like red-leafed chard varieties. The sturdy magenta coloration of desk beet juice can be utilized as a pure meals dye for coloring eggs, cake frosting and extra.

White, orange and golden desk beets are prized for his or her mellow, nutty taste. As a result of they don’t bleed crimson juice, these are greatest for roasting or mixing with different greens.

Storage beets are desk varieties which are grown for fall harvest adopted by winter storage in your fridge or root cellar.

Mangel beets are usually referred to as forage beets or fodder beets, and develop big roots weighing 5 to 20 kilos every. These beets usually are not flavorful like desk beets, and on homesteads and small farms, are sometimes used as livestock fodder in winter.

Sugar beets are bland, mangel-type beets that, right this moment, are grown industrially from GMO seeds to be processed into desk sugar. GMO sugar beet seeds usually are not obtainable to the house gardener, however there are heirloom varieties obtainable in choose catalogs (Seed Savers Trade, Baker Creek Seeds, and so forth.) if you wish to attempt sugar beets out at residence.

Heirloom Beets

There are tons of gorgeous, heirloom forms of desk beets which have a panoply of flavors, colours and shapes you simply can’t get from a grocery retailer, so have enjoyable choosing your beet seeds from the catalogs.

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The sweetest desk beet you possibly can develop is arguably the all-white ‘Albina Vereduna’. This shut relative of the sugar beet accommodates 11% sugar—about twice that of crimson beets.

However there are a lot of candy crimson beet varieties which are additionally excellent to develop. ‘Detroit Dark Red’ is an old-time heirloom beet selection with wealthy, dark-red, 3-inch roots.

‘Bull’s Blood’ may be very candy and has fairly rings inside, and reddish-purple leaves which are colourful in salads.

Additionally attempt ‘Golden’, which has vibrant yellow flesh and a candy potato-like taste, or the heirloom ‘Chioggia’, that includes red-and-white-ringed flesh that appears like a bulls-eye.

In case you love beet greens, plant ‘Tall Top Early Wonder’, with maroon-tinged leaves and purplish crimson, spherical roots. Beet greens may be eaten like spinach or Swiss chard, tossed in salads or utilized in fast stir fries.

Tips on how to Plant Beets

Beets are a cool climate crop, and are greatest sown Three to Four weeks earlier than your final spring frost, as quickly because the soil may be labored. You’ll be able to plant successive plantings till midsummer. In frost free areas, you are able to do a 3rd planting in September for a February harvest.

Beets are intently associated to Swiss Chard and spinach, so you should definitely apply good crop rotation by planting your beets in an space the place neither beets, chard, nor spinach had been planted the 12 months earlier than.

In case you desire a smaller, steady harvest all through the season, sow some beet seeds each three weeks, as an alternative of unexpectedly. In heat areas like Southern California, you possibly can sow beets virtually 12 months spherical, although the hotter it’s at harvest time, the much less candy the beets will likely be.

Direct seeding within the backyard is the simplest solution to develop beets. They are often grown in most kinds of soil—together with containers—however desire that or not it’s deep, moist, well-drained, and comprise loads of compost or aged manure. Beets want loads of solar, however they’ll tolerate partial shade if the local weather is heat.

To assist germination, soak your beet seeds in pure water for 24 hours earlier than planting. Sow seeds half of inch deep and a couple of inches aside. When the beets are 2 to three inches tall, normally 5 – 6 weeks after planting, skinny to 1 plant each 6 inches. Use a pair of scissors to chop the seedlings off on the soil line. Keep away from yanking any seedlings up, as a result of that can disturb the roots of the crops which are left to develop.

For beet greens solely, sow seeds half of inch aside in all instructions. No thinning is important.

You’ll in all probability need 5-10 beets per individual in your family, throughout the season. In case you simply love beets, otherwise you plan to ferment or can your beets for longterm storage and pleasure (see pickled beet recipe beneath), you’ll in all probability need to plant extra.

Companion crops for beets embody bush beans, something within the cabbage household, corn, leeks, lettuce, lima beans, onions, and radishes.  Don’t plant beets close to mustard and pole beans. (Where to get the “Bible” of companion planting)

Beets do greatest if they’ve a constant degree of moisture whereas they’re rising, so drip irrigation is a good suggestion.

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Beet Pests and Illnesses

Beets are seldom bothered by pests or illness, however prevention is at all times the most effective measure. Select forms of beet seeds which are proof against the pests and ailments in your area, and plant beets in a special spot annually to reduce the danger of contracting or spreading infections.

Additionally use drip irrigation and natural mulch to reduce the unfold of illness by way of water droplets.

In case your beet crops have been eaten right down to the soil, cutworms are normally the culprits. Sprinkle wooden ash across the base of the crops to forestall them.

Flea beetles make tiny holes in beet leaves, however wholesome crops will shortly outgrow the injury. Flea beetles additionally love mustard greens and arugula, so variety amongst your spring greens can restrict injury.

Leaf miners make meandering traces in beet leaves. Pesticides can’t management leaf miners, so clip off affected leaves and bury them in an lively compost pile to forestall a second era.

Aphids and thrips can deform beet leaves, so spray them with a non-toxic, insecticidal soap. Silvery webs on the undersides of leaves will be the work of spider mites, which can be sprayed with insecticidal cleaning soap.

Rabbits eagerly eat beet greens, and voles might assault beets from beneath simply as they kind huge roots. You’ll be able to maintain these and different animal pests out of the backyard with applicable fencing.

Beet leaves can also get Cercospora leaf spot, a gentle fungal illness made worse by poor plant vitamin and heat, humid climate. Affected leaves develop small spots and cracked, tan edges. You normally can stop this illness with good crop rotation practices, satisfactory thinning and a excessive degree of soil fertility. As soon as it has occurred although, take away contaminated leaves without delay to forestall additional unfold.

Tips on how to Harvest and Retailer Beets

Beets take about 45 to 65 days to mature, until you might be harvesting them early for child salad greens. Choose the greens anytime, however harvest the roots when they’re between 1 and three inches vast, for biggest sweetness.

Roots needs to be agency, smooth-skinned and deep in coloration. Smaller, youthful beets could also be so tender that peeling gained’t be wanted after they’re cooked.

Compost any beets which have spots, bruises or delicate, moist areas, all of which point out spoilage.

Retailer beets unwashed within the fridge crisper the place they may maintain for 2 to 4 weeks. Reduce the greens from the roots, so they don’t draw back moisture away from the basis. Go away about two inches of the stem connected to forestall the roots from “bleeding.”

Retailer the unwashed greens in a separate plastic bag the place they may maintain contemporary for about 4 days.

Tips on how to Save Beet Seeds

As a gardener, you’ll solely be capable of save seeds out of your beets in case you are rising only one open-pollinated or heirloom selection. Beets will cross-pollinate with one another until there’s at the least 800 ft of distance between varieties—normally a lot too vast for the typical residence backyard.

To save lots of beet seeds, let 5 – 6 of your healthiest beets flower and go to seed in your backyard. Wait till the beet greens and flowers have turned completely brown earlier than making an attempt to reap the seeds.

Reduce the seed-heads with their stems and retailer these in a cool, dry space for 2 to a few weeks to permit the seeds to ripen. The seed can then be stripped from the dried foliage with a gloved hand and saved underneath cool, dry circumstances, the place they need to stay viable for 4-5 years. At all times maintain seeds in an hermetic container to maintain out moisture and humidity.

Tips on how to Use Beets

Beet roots may be boiled, steamed, roasted or used uncooked. Roasting concentrates beet sugars, making them further scrumptious. Use a vegetable peeler to take away skins from beets earlier than roasting them with different greens. If getting ready them alone, cooking beets of their skins makes the peels slip off simply as soon as they’ve cooled.

To protect beets, you possibly can slice and dehydrate them into chips, freeze them, can them, or ferment them. Fermenting beets is an effective way to reinforce their vitamin and supply gut-healthy probiotics.

Beet greens may be juiced, steamed or sautéed like spinach or chard. Child beet greens are scrumptious in salads. (If you’re delicate to oxalates, be cautious with consuming beet greens.)

Beet Recipes

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