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As I discussed previously, the conventional description of what neurons do as taught in neuron 101 is now recognized to be incomplete. I’ll give a short try at a layman’s understanding (I’m not an professional) then get to the thrilling new developments on what’s going on contained in the neurons. I hope this may make it clear that any idea of how consciousness arises, or of how neurons work within the mind, that doesn’t take into consideration the exercise of the quantum gadgets contained in the neurons must be rethought.

MIT video of neuron exercise in 3D

Neurons are the fundamental elements of our brains, there are nearly 100 billion of them within the human mind, on common. There are many them. like sensory neurons and motor neurons, in different elements of the physique as properly, however in complete they add as much as far fewer than within the mind. So the mind is regarded as the seat of consciousness.

Introduction to how Neurons are thought to work

Neurons encompass a cell physique, a single axon, for output signaling, and a number of dendrites, for inputs. The dendrites every terminate in a number of branches, and their could be as many as 100,000 dendritic branches, or particular person inputs, in a single neuron. The branches of the axons of 1 neuron lie a slender hole away from different neurons, known as the synapse. When a neuron fires, it sends out a sign to different neurons via the branches (terminals) of its axon, which is facilitated by neurotransmitters launched on the axon terminals. After the sign travels throughout the hole, it could trigger excitation, or inhibition of the receiving dendritic branches of different neurons (i.e make it roughly prone to fireplace).

The fundamental operation of a neuron is to sum up all of the excitatory and inhibitory inputs, and determine whether or not to fireside a sign down its personal axon. The fundamental operation is to sum up all of the inputs, and fireplace if a threshold is crossed, or don’t if it isn’t.

New Developments

What’s lacking from the above image is that neurons have 1000’s of inner components known as microtubules, organized in bands. They’re extremely, skinny, the inside diameter is just about 10 nm (billionths of a meter). There are microtubules in different cells however they’re shorter and never organized.

The earliest I heard these could be important was within the e-book The Emperor’s New Thoughts, by Roger Penrose. Dr. Roger Penrose is an excellent mathematician who was on the lookout for a brand new idea of consciousness, and thought is should someway contain quantum results. Dr Stuart Hameroff is an anesthesiologist and wished to know extra about consciousness since his job is to show it off. He and Dr. Penrose collaborated on a idea known as “Orchestrated objective reduction“. It proposes that consciousness includes a complicated quantum processes involving the microtubules. I came upon that this idea, although fascinating, was controversial, and didn’t suppose extra of it besides to surprise why these microtubules have been there.

Years later I noticed a documentary sequence “Nearer to Reality” in regards to the nature of consciousness. It was a inconclusive about the concept that there could be some quantum impact concerned with consciousness (though the host appeared biased in opposition to that notion). However one of many episodes appeared into experimental proof about microtubules, in an interview with Dr. Anirban Bandyopadhyay. a Senior Scientist on the Nationwide Institute for Supplies Science (NIMS) in Tsukuba, Japan (click on on the hyperlink, then on the image with Dr. Bandyopadhyay’s title). Dr. Bandyopadhyay has made refined measurements with microtubules, and the proof reveals they’re quantum devices. They resonate at quite a lot of frequencies within the vary from 10 Hz to teraHertz (one trillion cycles for second, greater than the frequencies of microwaves). Once they obtain a sign they resonate with, their resistance drops very low. So we now have 1000’s of constructions in every neuron that provide low electrical resistance once they resonate with a sign, in a cell whose main objective is to determine whether or not to fireside {an electrical} sign. Why are they there, and why do the reply to such an enormous array of frequencies? Dr. Bandyopadhyay feels that even when the Orchestrated goal discount idea will not be right (or doesn’t get all the small print proper), nonetheless Drs. Hameroff and Penrose superior the science of neurons significantly by turning the highlight on microtubules.

Determine from [2] explaining how microtubules are concerned in a multi-scale hierarchy to realize their sensitivity over such a broad frequency range

I attempted to trace down latest analysis on this space. One paper [2] (apparently sufficient, Dr. Hameroff is among the coAuthors) reveals that the terahertz frequency resonances of the microtubules has a big impact on the efficiency of anesthetics. There’s a good dialogue of this analysis here, containing this quote from the authors: “Scientific luminaries from Erwin Schrödinger to Sir Roger Penrose have proposed that consciousness requires quantum coherent processes, however skeptics have asserted such processes would endure ‘decoherence’ within the ‘heat, moist and noisy’ organic milieu. Our examine helps rising proof that non-polar, pi resonance areas in microtubules and different biomolecules keep these coherent states, and {that a} ‘quantum underground’ pervades the mind’s neurons.” (emphasis mine). Quantum coherence means varied subatomic entities are all appearing in section, in order that quantum results happen at a macroscopic scale.

One other latest paper [3] concludes “General, our outcomes recommend that exposing neurons to MTs or tubulin resonant frequencies may have an effect on MTs regular habits, resulting in neurophysiological modifications”. (Mts is an abbreviation for microtubules).

That is an space of lively analysis and I stay up for extra thrilling discoveries of what this all means.


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