Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Diversity of Trichoderma spp. in Marine Environments and Their Biological Potential for Sustainable Industrial Applications


Microorganisms are thought to be a sustainable supply of biologically lively molecules. Amongst them, Trichoderma spp. have been a horny supply of organic compounds. Nonetheless, the examine of marine-derived Trichoderma has developed slowly due to the issue in isolating the fungi. In our examine, 30 strains of marine-derived Trichoderma had been recognized by means of the interpretation elongation issue 1-alpha (EF1α) sequences, and their organic actions, corresponding to antioxidant exercise by ABTS and DPPH assays, antifungal exercise in opposition to Asteromyces cruciatus and Lindra thalassiae, and tyrosinase inhibition exercise, had been investigated. In consequence, the 30 marine Trichoderma species had been categorised into 21 taxa, together with three new species candidates. Three strains of T. asperellum confirmed the best ABTS radical scavenging exercise and antifungal exercise. T. bissettii SFC20170821-M05 and T. guizhouense SFC20180619-M23 confirmed notable DPPH radical scavenging exercise and tyrosinase inhibition exercise, respectively. This examine confirmed the potential of marine-derived Trichoderma as a supply of bioactive compounds.

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