How Embracing the Sacred Feminine Enhances Women’s Empowerment


I didn’t get into the behavior of minding my ‘circulate’. I don’t even know anyone who tracks their cycle until they’re both attempting to fall pregnant or attempting to not. We simply weren’t programmed to embrace or embody our internal cycle. All we all know is that it comes each month and we are able to’t wait till the hell is over. Heck, there was even a time when it was improper to speak in regards to the interval.

And I get it. Discussing cervical mucus isn’t an interesting matter however you’d be amazed to know what it does; truly, you’d be amazed to know the way highly effective a girl’s physique is!

In observance of Menstrual Hygiene Day on Might 28, I joined an internet circle of girls to talk about girls’s well being organized by Younger Residing’s The Southern Blends household with visitor speaker and ladies’s well being advocate, Dona Tumacdang-Esteban.

She started the occasion with a meditation train. There all of us had been – eyes closed, respiratory out and in and taking in her sluggish sentences – stuffed with phrases like menstruation, interval, PMS, regla (a Filipino phrase for interval) and tagos (interval stains). Not till the Filipino phrases had been thrown within the combine that I felt myself beginning to cringe. For me, the taboo issue surrounding these phrases is actual, my physique reacting to them in a method I had been socially conditioned to.

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Rising up, many people girls are led to consider that our menstruation is unclean and shameful; with some seeing it as a product of undesirable pregnancies and in some cultures, it’s even labelled ‘unhealthy blood’. Once I recounted the identical set of phrases that had been shared throughout the meditation with my very own group of mates, most of them reacted negatively upon listening to them. They related the phrases with discomfort, ache and inconvenience.

Nevertheless, there may be a lot magic in bleeding. Many, many moons in the past, early societies believed that it was probably the most sacred substances on the planet. They didn’t simply acknowledge the sanctity of the circulate, in addition they revered its connection to the cycle of the moon with the understanding that lady and moon are the identical since they’re each female, cyclical and life-giving. It’s throughout this time that they have to absolutely inhabit their ‘cave time’ as it’s a interval of purification, rejuvenation and relaxation.

Due to the patriarchal society and its agenda to downplay the divine female, the importance of this sacred time has been washed away. Now, we work by means of the cramps to point out that we aren’t a legal responsibility within the firm, we be a part of a marathon regardless of blood shedding, and a few even take medication to cease their menstrual cycle. In different phrases, we’ve got utterly forgotten the significance of why our blood sisters from a long time and centuries in the past would honor the regenerative properties of menstrual blood. In the meantime, scientists in some components of the world harness its power to heal.

Now could be the time to reclaim our energy and it begins by monitoring our cycle. Once we begin to thoughts our circulate we perceive our physique extra, we be taught from what our physique is attempting to show us and we’ll see a sample in our temper swings, cravings, productiveness and bodily pains.

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Nevertheless, you received’t be capable to deliver that energy again until you will have a full understanding of how your physique works in every cycle. Understanding this can deliver enlightenment in regards to the lady that you’re in each part of it.

I discussed earlier {that a} lady’s physique and the cycle she goes by means of is related to the moon and the Earth. By way of our menstrual cycle, we undergo the phases of the moon that are additionally related to the totally different seasons.

Menstruation/New Moon/Winter

Shedding menstrual blood offers you the ability of releasing. That is the darkest part the place the ‘crone’ in us should absolutely inhabit our cave time and simply give in to relaxation and the quiet.

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Use this time to mirror on what it’s essential to let go as you actually gush out blood from inside you. On the similar time, the smart outdated lady that we attempt to embody on this part should be taught to determine what we should always usher in to our life once we transition to the subsequent cycle.

Follicular Section/Crescent Moon/Spring

The follicular or the pre-ovulation part offers you the ability of prospects. That is the time when the feminine archetype {that a} lady ought to embrace is the Virgin Warrior. She is stuffed with life and potential, very similar to spring season which signifies renewal, rebirth and a rise in bodily power.

The Virgin Warrior has a extra enhanced planning ability or turns into extra targeted and extra analytical. So when the thoughts is clearer, the feelings develop into extra secure. Use this time to start out new initiatives, meet new folks and simply rejoice life.

Ovulation/Full Moon/Summer season

Ovulation offers you the ability of receptivity and expression. Once we are ovulating, we produce the estrogen and the progesterone that our physique wants and a rise within the blood quantity offers us that lovely glow. We’re extra enticing throughout this part; we scent totally different, we’re extra expressive, we’re alive very similar to the complete moon and summer time the place the whole lot is shiny, colourful and in full bloom.

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It’s at this stage {that a} lady ought to channel the Mom/Lover in her as that is the time when a girl is most fertile, due to this fact, the life-giving energy in us surfaces. This part is making ready our our bodies for being pregnant. The nurturing mom archetype in us is clear-headed but calmer so that is the time if you need to talk together with your companion, your supervisor or any particular person of significance as the ability of expression is alive in you.

Luteal Section/Waning Moon/Fall

The facility of decision is upon us throughout the premenstrual stage. Once we begin to really feel extra delicate and just a little bitchy (okay, generally rather a lot bitchy), we take this time to know what we have to let go and rid ourselves of the pent-up frustration.

Nevertheless, the enchantress in us should not be denied. She desires to do no matter she desires – so let her! We’re hormonal and we shouldn’t apologize for it.

Girls’s empowerment is rising each day and but we’re made to consider that shedding menstrual blood is soiled and due to this fact we should really feel ashamed and disgusted each time we get our interval. However circulate is neither good or unhealthy. It’s a part of the pure cycle of a girl’s life and is crucial to all human life.

By embodying every cycle, we start to worth our our bodies. We start to consider that we’re wonderful irrespective of the cycle we’re in and we start to like and settle for our our bodies extra absolutely.

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