Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Utilization of Coal Gangue Aggregate for Railway Roadbed Construction in Practice


As a large strong waste, the excessive value-added utilization of coal gangue has acquired an increasing number of consideration in China. This examine focuses on the utilization of coal gangue combination in railway engineering for coal transportation passage. Coal gangue combination was employed as high-grade railway subgrade filler andprepared concrete for roadbed drainage (named coal gangue roadbed defending concrete—CGRPC). First, the fundamental properties of coal gangue corresponding to particle measurement distribution, ignition loss, power change below water softening, and compression efficiency had been measured. Then, the expertise to make use of coal gangue as filler in railway subgrade was put ahead based mostly on an actual engineering software with the Jingang coal-carrying railway particular line. Subject assessments confirmed that the coal gangue roadbed had wonderful efficiency. The dynamic stiffness expressed as Okay30 was extra 130 MPa/m, which meets the requirement for high-speed railway roadbeds. The distribution of vertical earth stress in accordance with the backfill depth confirmed a linear rising tendency. Lastly, the technical and financial advantages of utilizing coal gangue railway roadbeds had been analyzed. The applying of coal gangue close to the railway line not solely solved the issue of combination scarcity in engineering development, nevertheless it additionally consumes the coal gangue waste and results in enormous social advantages.

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