Sustainability | Free Full-Text | The Hydrochemical and Isotopic Evolution of the Surface Water and Groundwater for Impoundment in the Xiluodu Reservoir, Jinsha River, China


The development of a giant reservoir with a excessive dam might trigger irreversible adjustments within the water move system and even have an effect on the unique environmental stability. Xiluodu reservoir, as a consultant of the excessive arch dam reservoirs in China, clearly has this potential situation. Based mostly on the monitoring information of the hydrochemistry and secure isotopes of the water (δD, δ18O) within the Xiluodu reservoir, this research presents the evolution of the hydrochemical and isotopic traits of the floor water and groundwater within the reservoir earlier than and after impoundment utilizing cluster evaluation and saturation index evaluation. The primary cations within the reservoir water and groundwater change from Ca2+ and Mg2+ to Ca2+ and Na+, respectively, whereas the ratio of


to the overall anions dropped from 0.86 to 0.7 as the principle anion. The cluster evaluation outcomes present the excessive correlation between the groundwater and floor water earlier than and after water impoundment. The calculation of saturation indices signifies that the hydrogeochemical technique of the groundwater features a totally different pattern of the dissolution of minerals. The research of deuterium extra reveals that the evaporation of the groundwater close to the reservoir decreased after impoundment. Based mostly on the above outcomes and the recharge elevation, this analysis concludes that the interplay between the floor water and groundwater earlier than and after impoundment is distinguished and totally different. The groundwater replenished the river water earlier than impoundment, whereas this relationship reversed after impoundment. This evolution course of is attributable to reservoir storage, and the drainage system and different circumstances make this evolution potential. As well as, the affect of interplay evolution on the regional water decreases constantly alongside the dam web site, and a few areas even have irreversible adjustments.
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