Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Improved Predictive Control for an Asymmetric Multilevel Converter for Photovoltaic Energy


This text proposes a 27-level uneven cascade H-bridge multilevel topology for photovoltaic functions, which considers a predictive management technique that enables minimization of the commutations of the converter. This proposal ensures a extremely sinusoidal and steady photovoltaic injection when there are photo voltaic irradiance disturbances, producing a low distortion within the present waveform and low switching losses. To validate the efficiency of the management and the proposed topology, the dynamic mannequin of the alternating present (AC) and direct present (DC) aspect system is first obtained, which is checked by computational simulations. Subsequently, the implementation of a grasp–slave management is carried out, targeted on the management of DC voltage and AC present. The proposal is simulated, and the full harmonic distortion (THD) is obtained within the voltage and present waveforms. Undesired commutations, typical of the predictive management, are eradicated within the AC voltage waveform, and a correct DC voltage monitoring is achieved for the high-power cell. With a view to display the efficiency of the proposed management technique, a low-power proof-of-concept prototype is applied, by which the vitality is injected to the grid, below the occasion of photo voltaic irradiance disturbances (with DC management).Then, the undesired switching in the principle cell is eradicated, producing THDs within the voltage and present sign of




, respectively.

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