Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Systems of Food and Systems of Violence: An Intervention for the Special Issue on “Community Self Organisation, Sustainability and Resilience in Food Systems”


This intervention critiques the rationale which underpins the authority of the meals system as a context for sustainability, resilience and self-organisation. We apply studying from embodied observe, specifically The Meals Journey©, to reveal the existence of hurt and trauma arising from the overrepresentation of the liberal mannequin of Man as constituting the one actuality of humanity. This mannequin has, in actuality been a colonial, capitalising pressure of violent dispossession. It’s this context that has produced international circulations of agricultural produce, systematised by a colonialism which violates the integrity of all that it encounters as completely different. Colonialities of being, energy and data extract and exploit globally each individuals and locations as legacies of colonialism and perpetuate an abyssal divide between worlds. We unsettle and reconfigure each geopolitical modern and historic accounts of food-related narratives. We do that to assist reveal how the ‘meals system’ is definitely a primarily Euro-American-centred narrative of dispossession, offered as common. We suggest the usage of decolonial instruments which are pluriversal, ecological and embodied as a way of interrogating the current system design, together with its educational and subject observe. The embrace of decolonial instruments have the potential to take us past mere emancipation, reducing by means of previous definitions and understandings of how meals sovereignty, farm manufacturing, land justice and meals itself are understood and utilized as ideas. The end result—as a steady strategy of engagement, studying and redefinition—can then lead us in the direction of a relational pluriverse as an expression of freedom and full nourishment for all people and kind the Earth, which is, in itself, a obligatory therapeutic.
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