McMenon Averaging Pitot Tube



The McMenon Averaging Pitot Tube (MAPT) is a multiport self-averaging movement meter with a design primarily based on the classical pitot tube idea of fluid movement measurement, designed for set up in a big number of industries worldwide. The MAPT produces an averaged differential stress (DP) sign proportional to the sq. of the movement charge.

The outer influence tube has a variety of pressure-sensing holes going through upstream that are positioned at equal annular factors in accordance with a log-linear distribution.

The ‘whole pressures’ developed at every upstream gap by sum of the influence of the flowing medium and the static stress are firstly averaged inside the outer influence tube after which to a second order (and extra precisely) averaged inside the inside averaging tube. This stress is represented on the head because the excessive stress element of the DP output. The low stress element is generated from a single sensing gap positioned on the downstream facet of the outer influence tube, measuring static stress.

For bidirectional movement measurement, the MAPT could be provided with the identical variety of downstream ports as upstream. The MAPT is an enchancment on the spherical sensor design because of the distinctive profiled flats, that are positioned across the downstream gap as a way to outline the separation level at which the movement strains separate because the fluid passes across the outer influence tube. This function creates a steady stress space on the downstream stress sensing gap thereby sustaining a extra fixed movement coefficient at excessive velocities enabling a really wide selection of movement measurement (turndown).

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