Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Study on Evolutionary Characteristics of Toppling Deformation of Anti-Dip Bank Slope Based on Energy Field


The evolution of toppling deformation of anti-dip slope is actually a strategy of power dissipation and transformation. Aiming to check the traits of power evolution in several levels, the DEM (discrete component technique) software program PFC (Particle Circulate Code) was utilized to determine a two-dimensional numerical mannequin for a financial institution slope in Chongqing based mostly on geological background information and subject investigation. The DEM mannequin was confirmed to be dependable not solely as a result of the deformation discrepancy between the numerical mannequin and precise financial institution slope was not massive but in addition as a result of some apparent fractures within the precise financial institution slope can readily be discovered within the numerical mannequin as properly. On this article, content material about displacement within the shallow layer was analyzed briefly. Particular effort was made to research the power subject and divide the toppling deformation course of into three levels. (1) Shear deformation stage: that is an power accumulating stage wherein the pressure power, friction power, and kinetic power are all small and the deformation is principally shear deformation within the slope toe. (2) Stage of primary toppling fracture floor hole-through: all three sorts of power current the growing development. The shear deformation within the slope toe expands additional, and the toppling deformation additionally seems within the center and rear components of the financial institution slope. (3) Stage of secondary toppling and fracture floor improvement: pressure power and friction power improve steadily however kinetic power stays fixed. Deformation consists primarily of secondary shearing and a fracture floor within the shallow layer. Secondary toppling and fracture floor develop densely.
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