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I just lately found a ebook I extremely suggest: Power Endurance: Reflections on the Legacy of Dr. Leonard Schwartz  by Chuck Huckaby, on Amazon.

Like me, Chuck is a very long time fan of the late Dr. Schwartz’s work and the “heavyhands” strategy of concurrently exercising the higher and decrease physique with hand weights (which I described here). We each agree that it’s a disgrace his physique of labor on train shouldn’t be extra well-known. Heavyhands grew to become fairly fashionable within the ’80s when cardio dance lessons had been all the fad, and fell by the wayside after that. That is unlucky as a result of in my view a very powerful contribution of Dr. Schwartz was heavyhands strolling, or swinging hand weights together with your arms whereas strolling. To today you’ll nonetheless see many individuals carrying hand weights whereas strolling, however that misses the purpose that it’s the vigorous arm swinging that makes this a very good cardiovascular exercise.

In contrast to me, Chuck was capable of interview people who knew Dr. Schwartz and get some fascinating background info. He additionally chased down the small print of Dr. Schwartz’s varied train patents.

Dr. Schwartz’s most important emphasis was on complete physique cardio exercises, particularly the idea that including higher physique actions to one thing like strolling makes it a greater problem to the cardiovascular system. Most of his followers equate this with Heavyhands, nevertheless it seems later in his life he got here up with different approaches too, He got here up with an attention-grabbing equipment he known as the “Pan-x” machine proven within the determine which can be utilized for varied complete physique workout routines described within the ebook:

He additionally pioneered a variation on isometrics he known as “isotonometrics” which bears similarities to Charles Atlas’s “dynamic rigidity” methodology described in my previous post. However Dr. Schwartz’s model is meant as an higher physique enhancement to cardio that requires no gear.

I believe what I loved studying probably the most was about Dr. Schwartz’s personal athletic talents. I already knew he had gone from a sedentary obese smoker in his mid 50s to elite athlete standing utilizing heavyhands. However some particular stats within the ebook had been nearly mindboggling. For instance, one of the vigorous actions you are able to do with heavyhands is mimicking the double-poling movement of cross nation snowboarding, however with hand weights as an alternative of poles. I do this transfer, with 6 lb weights in every hand. I do a number of intervals 30 seconds lengthy. It actually will get my coronary heart going. Dr. Schwartz might do that with 23 lb weights in every hand, repeatedly for an hour.

Dr. Len Schwartz

This ebook is an attention-grabbing take a look at varied train ideas for any reader. However for followers of Dr. Schwartz and heavyhands, it’s a treasure.

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