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The literature exhibits robust proof of how completely different studying fashions affect studying. The sort of mannequin used is a fundamental variable that may both assist or hinder sustainable schooling. The target of this analysis is to analyse how digital pedagogical fashions of three sorts (collaborative, social, and impartial) affect the educational expertise. The examine relies on a design that mixes triangulation, a theoretical mannequin, quantitative strategies (descriptive evaluation and distinction of means), and qualitative strategies (discourse evaluation, following the ideas of grounded principle). The significance of social and collaborative fashions in sustainable schooling is proved; each varieties of fashions promote a constructive studying expertise. They strengthen inter-student relationships, a sense of belonging to a neighborhood with shared pursuits, and emotions of membership and cohesion. An impartial mannequin could hamper college students’ notion of present information and improvement of collaborative competences, in distinction to the more-interactive mannequin. These outcomes may be assessed in larger depth by future analysis exploring impartial fashions’ doable potential for analysing environmental issues and their tie-in to private selections.
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